is the worlds first blockchain technology and social network platform connecting crypto related people and uniting them under one roof. Blockkonnect is the first ultimate solution ever which provides you with tonns of features you ever wanted on a single platform. You'll find people with similar interests as yours,such as blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

Blockkonnect provides you a golden opportunity to monetize your own posts and comments to turn your passion into money, similar to something like AdSense in YouTube. We have a strong belief that we will remain top in this sector forever, as our concept is unique. No other social platform provides you such an easy way for monetization.

Token Sale Is LIVE


Extended ICO - Sale Ends In

  • Token Price     1XBT=0.015 $
  • Get 10% Affiliate Bonus From Advertising
Soft Cap
750,000 $
Hard Cap
900,000 $

Our Speciality

We provide you a Social Platform which Connects,Fuels and Rewards Users.
An ecosystem that is designed to make online discussion platform easy,seamless and rewarding to both business Owners and Users.
It gives an opportunity to Blockchain and cryptocurrency lovers to connect and discuss each other and answer each other's questions.

Connecting Blockchain and Crypto Market Lovers

Usually crypto lovers used to post Contents,Signals,News,etc., in different social media platforms.Hence Blockkonnect provides all these features in a single platform.


Blockkonnect is the only platform till date where members can tip each other on good posts and keep themselves motivated.

Make Follower
and Money

Blockkonnect forums also provides bounty programs for top followers,users who post contents etc., Users can keep posting in forums to increase your followers and earn.More the followers you have more chances of earning.

Follow Blockchain Related

Blockkonnect provides platform of forums where Blockchain related companies,Cryptocurrency related companies,Crypto developers, they can create their profiles here and users can follow them and see all the updates and post from those profile, users can provide solutions and also tip Blockkonnect token each other as a reward.

Tech News

Blockkonnect platforms provide users,news portals where they get the information updates related to crypto and blockchain technology.Even users can make a profile and share news related to crypto and blockchain.

We will change the Revolution

In the Past, people had no sense and idea about social media. But revolution have improved day by day. Just like Facebook, Twitter grew in popularity slowly because of there specifications and special features. Similarly, Blockkonnect has its own special features as well. You may have seen that people discuss for long hours on various topics on social media but they don't get anything in return. So Blockkonnect team is revolutionizing the social media world and keeping people motivated by providing a platform to discuss, improve their knowledge and writing skills and earning through monetization at the same time as well.

This is just a brief introduction about Blockkonnect Project,there's lots of things remaining to be worked and implemented upon. We have a TIP and UPVOTE feature too, which is very useful for fellow members. Continuous efforts from our side will definitely make it more easier for people to understand all over the world.

Watch Videos

Watch out some videos explaining about Blockkonnect project and its future needs.

Blockkonnect ICO Rate Summary and Technical Specifications

Read the below mentioned Blockkonnect token selling phase rates and its technical specifications:



Phase 1 20 Aug To 26 Aug ( + 40% Bonus )
{ In Phase 1 we will offer 6,800,000 XBTs including referal bonus }
Phase 2 27 Aug To 03 Sep ( + 30% Bonus )
{ In Phase 2 we will offer 13,600,000 XBTs including referal bonus }
Phase 3 04 Sep To 14 Sep ( + 20% Bonus )
{ In Phase 3 we will offer 27,200,000 XBTs including referal bonus }
Phase 4 15 Sep To 29 Sep ( + 10% Bonus )
{ In Phase 4 we will offer 34,000,000 XBTs including referal bonus }
Phase 5 30 Sep To 17 Oct ( + 0% Bonus )
{ In Phase 5 we will offer 54,400,000 XBTs including referal bonus }

Token sale closes on 17 Oct,2018

Technical Specifications

ICO Start in 20 August 2018
Transaction Code XBT
Platform ETHEREUM ERC-20
Max Supply 200,000,000 XBT
Soft Cap $ 750,000
Hard Cap $ 900,000
ICO starting Price $0.015 per XBT
Estimated Target Price After ICO $1 per XBT
ICO Timings 20-Aug-18 To 17-Oct-18

All Unsold Tokens will be Burned

ICO Ratings

Our Roadmap

  • Project Announcement

    01 AUG 2018

  • Bounty

    04 AUG 2018

  • Token Sale

    20 AUG 2018

  • Token Withdrawal

    OCT 2018

  • On Exchange

    OCT 2018

  • Forum Launch

    NOV 2018

  • Random Airdrop

    DEC 2018

  • Poll Function

    FEB 2019

  • News Portal

    APR 2019

  • News Portal App

    MAY 2019

  • Signature Campaign

    JUN 2019

  • Internal Exchange (Voting)

    JUL 2019

  • Official Wallet Launch

    AUG 2019

  • Random Airdrop

    SEP 2019

Token and Funds Allocation

  • Token Sale - 68%
  • Team Members - 10%
  • To Run The Forum -10%
  • Bounty - 4%
  • Held in Reserve - 8%
  • Continuous development - 60%
  • Marketing - 20%
  • Administrative & General - 10%
  • Legal - 5%
  • Security & Compliance - 5%

Note - Total supply 200,000,000 tokens. Unsold tokens will be burned.

How does it Work

Blockkonnect provides a platform which allows each individuals and corporates to create a topics, comment on posts, participate in polls, offical announcements, etc. It connects people from all over the world by its following features.

Social Wall

In social wall,members can view the profile of each others and follow them, connect them, see one anothers connections and activities.


Forum is for discussing topics, Ideas, contents related to blockchain, technology to solve the problems of users and to take opinions of every users to make anything better in blockchain and technological fields.

Affiliate Program

Blockkonnect offering an opportunity where everyone can be a part of its advertising campaign where blockkonnect​ is putting its 4% coins in advertising In which each individuals and corporates will be rewarded for it in the following manner


Help us to expand our business refer your friends, you will get 10% affiliate each time your referral buy Blockkonnect (XBT).


We also offer members to earn free Blockkonnect tokens by bounty campaigns where members will have to post our advertising template messages on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube..etc

Banner Advertising

1% of Blockkonnect tokens will be paid for advertising via banner by corporate websites.

Frequently Ask Questions

Blockkonnect is a Social and Forum platform which connects people of blockchain and technology. It also gives you an opportunity to convert your Passion into money for posting contents and discussing topics.
When you discuss and Post topics in the forums,that leads to get more users to websites, that will be the reason to generate income from AdSense, Signature Campaign.Hence you can earn those Adsense amount in the means if XBT tokens.
A sound project never reports about the exchanges during the ICO otherwise it would not be enough trustworthy.
However Blockkonnect team can say in the month of OCT 2018.
Click on "Buy XBT / Deposit" then enter the amount you wish to buy then select the cryptocurency which you want to pay,then pay as described there.
Yes, you can earn referal income without buying coins.
As mentioned in the Roadmap once the withdraw pannel is enabled you can withdraw your tokens.
Once the ICO gets ended you can withdraw your tokens from withdraw pannel by entering the Ethereum wallet address.
As soon as the bounty program finishes the users will get credited their tokens in their Blockkonnect account.
  1. Open
  2. Create the password not less than 9 symbols; click on "create new wallet"
  3. Download Keystore File (UTC / JSON) and save it.
  4. On your screen you'll see "private key", you should make the backup of it. Please, do not lose it, it cannot be recovered.
  5. Access to your wallet by "private key", type it in the section on the right.
  6. Click on “Unlock your wallet”.
  7. You successfully created your wallet!
thats all use this Ethereum Wallet address to withdraw your tokens from

Our Team

The Blockkonnect team is made up of knowledgeable experts who are passionate about bringing local businesses the attention they need on a social platform that rewards users for engagement.

Andrey Graham

Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Dewinn

Chief Technical Officer

Dean Watson

Chief Design Officer

Wilhelmina Mathew

Community Leader

Luis Alberto

Marketing Manager

Teddy Aron

Core Developer

Matthias Flo


Constantina Soboleva

Senior Advisor

Justin Shi

Blockchain Advisor

Masha Samara

Design Advisor

About Us

Blockkonnect platform is one of the most worldwide used platform where people from each and every corner are connected and being used from every part of the world. Our motive is to provide a good blockchain platform where users from all over the world can get connected in a single platform and discuss topics related to cryptocurrencies, blockchain,etc.., We promise our users to provide one of the best service providing platform where users can earn by using this platform.Our working team consists of many experienced developers, advisors, promoters, supporters,etc.

Our teams goal and motive is to provide a best result outcome from this project and provide users a best earning platform where users from all over the world wil get benefited from this project.

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